What is the Ritzy Age?


A life without problems? A luxurious life  full of glamour and joy?

YES! You’re in the right site !

But, we can hear you saying “Oh, it is nonsense!”

Hey don’t be prejudiced and take a look at our site !

In order to understand what is the Ritzy age first of all I have to consider the circumstance between years 2000 and 2020. For those years we can say that the whole era was captivated by the ambition of earning money. Everything was designed for earning money and having an easier life. Pragmatism was all over the world and actually it reduced the class of life. What I mean is, people lost the gusto of living and life became less ‘livable’.

Being sick and tired of their life, some people came up with the idea of  creating a brand new society. However this society needed a land to settle. A dessert island was the greatest idea of all. So they went there with the idea of creating a society with all aspects possible. Architecture, fashion, music, sports and social attitude.

At first it seemed so impossible but when they went to that island and started doing something which took the attention of  rest of the world, they saw that they were about to do something which will influence the whole world.

To cut it short, everything started with a dream and those people created something huge than they had expected. But every society have its own cons and pros. Well, do you think it will go on being a utopia?



Architecture at Ritzy Age

All house are unusual colors  like,  gold and silver.Houses has got so many rooms, kitchens,bathrooms, bedrooms, etc… But they are very expensive. Livingrooms have so many windows, expensive furniture. Bathrooms have gold sinks or some other things like that. Kitchens have got very big ovens because people cook so many food. Generally houses have carpets, big windows, iron doors, silk curtains. This houses are very comfortable and they look so nifty. Actually if I want to be honest I can say that some of the beds or sofas are not really comfortable as we only care about the looks, do you think we care about the comfort? Ohh Gosh! You guys ain’t got any idea about us.

Social life at Ritzy age

Well, I guess first of all I have to tell what a society is. A group of persons forming a single community with some common interests, however, there are really a few societies living in a harmony. The thing I’m trying to say is, most of the societies face with so many problems and they can’t live peacefully. Where as, in our society it’s just the opposite. Since people have no worries about their lives and all they want to do is having fun, there are no problems. It sounds like an utopia, doesn’t it?

As far as I’m concerned I can say that it really is. We created a whole Utopia which provides people to live harmonizingly.

Food at Ritzy Age

For us  the food’s appearance should be excellent. The tastes are not that important as long as it looks nifty, we really don’t care how tasty it is if it looks normal or bad. As you can see from everything we create appearance is the most important thing for us. We don’t like eating fast food or junk food, can you imagine someone from our society eating something in plastic plates, Ohh Gosh! That’s something we can put up with. Because our concept is different and we want to show what the real glamour is .


Fashion at Ritzy Age

As you can understand from the name our concept is glamour. Pureness is not common in this era. Everything have to be elegant and glamourous as we are in the Ritzy age.  Being comfortable is not important because everybody focuses on what you wear and how it looks. So in this case nobody cares coziness and designers make nifty and smart dresses. Besides expensive. The only aim is looking glorious.

   ritzy age

Music at Ritzy Age

We have always listened to songs about suffering, sorrow and some challenges of life. However, in your society we don’t have sorrow in our music. People mostly think that music has to express some feelings because that is one of the easiest and strongest ways to express our feelings. As our only aim is having fun and being Ritzy, we don’t deal with sorrow.

In our taste of music you are going to see glamorous orchestras, nifty singers, stunning performances but no emotion at all…

Technology at Ritzy Age

Gadgets’  features are not important. It doesn’t matter what they include. Gadgets should have just smart and elegant appearance. This is popular. People don’t need and search for super technological gadgets. They just look it’s appearance. For instance, the features of phones, megabytes of mp3 players, the speed of cars; people don’t care these. So producers use diamond and gold  for gadgets to make them look posh. Elegance and smartness; these are  the things that people looking for in this age.
Picnik collage2

Sports at Ritzy Age

Football,volleyball,basketball,etc. These sports are not common because they make us sweat. The only sport that we do is gym because as you know our appearence is important. We have to be fit to look glamourous. When we do gym we wear flat shoes but of course stylish ones. And we use some perfumes that prevents smelling bad. So as you see, it doesn’t matter where we are or what we do. In this age we have to look dressy !